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Primary care and transitional (post-acute) care

Titanium Extra Clinics

Exceptional care

- Rigorously selected caregivers

- Cutting edge methods and protocols

- Excellent follow-up


Online access

Priority on you


Titanium Extra clinics are designed to give extra-special care.

We thoughtfully apply the highest quality physicians with the best technology to give you excellent, compassionate care.

These elements combine to help you spend higher quality time at home and to be as healthy as you can be. Our appointments are thorough and never rushed. We are there to help and answer all your questions.

- Patient portal for scheduling

- Informational materials


- Same day appointments

- Respect and dignity, always


- Responsive personnel

- Low wait times

- Clear communication


Who are the clinics for?

We serve patients who have recently been hospitalized and also provide Primary Care services
for those who are Medicare eligible.


*Co-pay may apply.

Your Visit

We want your first visit to be quick, easy and valuable. At the clinic, you will find an eager staff ready to help you with your care.  Please bring a list of medications, health records and any questions you have for the physician.

Titanium Extra clinics are specialty clinics designed for you.
Our team is trained to make sure that we help you with your care and will work to keep you from needing to go into the hospital.


We need you to help us help you by being prepared for the visit.

You can expect our team to ask you about:

- Symptoms you are experiencing

- Your medical history

- Medications you are taking

- Questions or concerns you have


  • Why have I been referred to a Titanium Extra clinic?

    You have been selected for the Titanium Extra service by your clinical team because we believe that you will greatly benefit from an extra layer of care.


    We are available to you in addition to primary care to help you stay out of the hospital. During this program, you will receive extra attention, extra support and extra value. All of this is to make sure that your questions are answered and that you get the help you need.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?

    Help us help you by being prepared for your visit. We need some basic information to create an exceptional plan of care for you. Make sure you bring as much information and material as you can when you visit us:

    - Symptoms you are experiencing

    - Medical records and history

    - Medications you are taking (even the bottles!)

    - Any questions/concerns you have


  • What should I do after my appointment?

    Once you have had your visit, received your answers and worked out a plan of care you will need to make sure that all of the work pays off.  We are here to help you do that. We will help you do the things you need to do to make sure that you are kept as healthy as possible and that we are doing everything we can do to make sure you stay out of the hospital.


    If you have any questions about your plan of care or prescriptions, call us! 
    We are there to help you.


Our Team

At Titanium Extra, we are here to make your visit comfortable and effective.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care and help.

Gray Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Titanium Healthcare

Gray Miller formed Titanium Healthcare with a view of creating a healthcare system as a person would want it for their family. He has worked for much of his career improving processes and systems across multiple industries and decided to apply this methodology to healthcare.

Dr. Joe Jordan

Chief Medical Officer

Titanium Healthcare

Dr. Jordan leads the clinical team at Titanium Healthcare.  He has worked for much of his career creating better processes in healthcare.
Dr. Jordan and Gray Miller have partnered for over a decade in customizing healthcare for patients in greater need of high quality care.

John Lawson

Chief Operating Officer

Titanium Healthcare

President, Titanium Physicians

John Lawson leads all aspects of operations for Titanium Healthcare. He has worked for over 30 years in capacities where he gets the most out of teams. John spent 10 years coaching American football in Denmark and believes that healthcare is in need of a strong offense!

Dr. Talin Nemri

Medical Director

Internal Medicine
Titanium Extra Clinic, Los Alamitos

Dr. Nemri, a specialist in Internal Medicine has a passion for helping patients with multiple chronic conditions. As an experienced Hospitalist, Dr. Nemri has witnessed the potential for avoidable admissions and better care. “I believe many people feel they need to go to the Emergency Room because of gaps in our current healthcare delivery system. I want to help to
change that.”

Tess Ventura

Nurse Practitioner
Titanium Extra Clinics

Tess has always had a passion for helping people. As a physician in the Philippines, she saw first-hand what a difference good medical care can make for people with multiple chronic conditions.  Tess believes in well-coordinated care as a marker for high quality healthcare delivery – where the main focus is always on the patient being treated.

Elizabeth Ruiz, MA

Medical Assistant

Titanium Extra Clinic, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Ruiz has been an exceptional clinician for many years. Having worked in the outpatient setting she has seen how simple failures in healthcare can lead to unwanted admissions into the hospital. She has experience in working to understand the reasons for problems and how to fix them.

Roxana Vargas

Front Desk Representative

Titanium Extra Clinic, Los Angeles

Roxana Vargas has over 17 years of experience in health care and has significant experience in medical billing.  Roxana knows how confusing the payments systems are and how incentives are misaligned. “I want to make a positive difference!” notes Roxana.

Kimberly Ng, MA

Medical Assistant

Titanium Extra Clinic, Los Alamitos

Kimberly Ng is an experienced clinician who wants to use her medical experience to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Jennifer Lopez, MA

Patient Care Coordinator

Titanium Extra Clinics

Jennifer works tirelessly to help patients who can benefit from the Titanium Extra service get into the program.  She works in multiple facilities answering questions and making enrollment easy for our patients. “I can see how much of a difference Titanium makes because I’m with them as they discover the available services. People light up when they realize that a doctor will be provided to help them stay at home!”

Clinic Hours and Locations

LOS ANGELES (downtown)


1414 South Grand Ave.
Suite 475
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel: 213-765-8123






5122 Katella Ave.
Suite 210
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Tel: 562-430-0015






1191 East Herndon Ave. Suite 103

Fresno, CA 93720

Tel: 559-432-2488






1300 North Vermont Ave.

Suite 501
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Tel: 323-928-2737




Los Angeles: 213-765-8123

Lakewood: 424-381-4402


Please call for opening times during holidays.


of Americans discharged from hospitals are admitted within 30 days


of Americans visit the ER every year


of Americans are admitted through the ER every year


of Americans believe that some hospital admissions are unnecessary


To schedule an appointment at your location, please call:

Los Angeles (downtown)

Tel: 213-765-8123



Tel: 323-928-2737


Los Alamitos

Tel: 562-430-0015



Tel: 559-432-2488




Our goal is to make the clinic experience exceptional.

The ultimate test of any medical facility is whether a patient would refer someone they love.
We are very proud to have earned that level of trust.

Get Extra

Special Care


Los Angeles (downtown) clinic

Hollywood clinic

Fresno clinic

We look forward to seeing  you.

What our patients say

of our patients give us 5 out of 5 ('Excellent') service scores when surveyed



say they would send
family members to us!


Beyond the numbers, what patients write in the comments section of our survey form says a lot.
Here are some of what people have to say when asked how we can improve:


“Everything was amazing”


“Staff and doctors are amazing. No need to improve”


“Experience was perfect”


“I felt I got the help I need”


“I love the help I received. It needs to be put out more. I never knew about this clinic”


“None visible. Keep up the good work!”


“I was so comfortable. It was all good, no improvement needed”


“Great! The nurse and doctor was very cool”


“Staff is amazing”


“Very sweet ladies”




“Thanks for explaining things! Keep up wonderful service”


“Dr. Nemri was very easy to talk to. I was very impressed with her professionalism”


“Stay the way you are”


“Dr. Nemri and Kimberly were the greatest!”


“Something to read while waiting, but that’s really nit picking”


"Great experience. Staff were 5+!”


“Thank you for everything and the time you all took care of my mother!!!”


“I am so very pleased with Titanium Extra. I can’t express more how happy I am”

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Titanium Extra clinics are designed to give extra-special care to those who need it. We thoughtfully apply the highest quality physicians with the best technology to give you excellent, compassionate care.

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Titanium Extra

1414 South Grand Ave., Suite 475
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel: 213-765-8123

Fax: 213-336-3032

About Us

Titanium Extra clinics are designed to give extra-special care to those who need it.  We provide both Transitional (Post-acute) care and Primary care.

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